NGSA Weekly Newsletter

December 1st 2014 Newsletter

Once upon a time there was a newsletter.

It crept into the mail of students all across the land.

While they studied their textbooks

redbull in hand.


Many stories and thoughts scattered it’s pages

but so few students saw it

for fear of not getting aces.


And so the woeful newsletter

alone and forlorn in it’s box


“Won’t you read me?”

“I don’t want to be lost”.


So won’t you make this a holiday night?

To take some time aside

and forgive us this poor rhyme

Read our newsletter.


Pretty please?



Eric Shamy-Smith

VP Administration

Last one this semester! Enjoy!

NGSA Weekly Newsletter

Hello everyone and welcome to the November 23rd 2014 Newsletter!

It’s been a quiet week in the presses but that doesn’t mean we don’t have some interesting stuff for you!

In this weeks edition you can find the following:


2) How people who were born after thalidomide administration are coping today.

3) Family integrated care in the NICU

4) Mental health services at McGill

5) The McGill Interprofessional Global Health Course is open for registration!

6) Surgical Global Health Committee is looking for a nurse!

7) Socks for the Homeless



Eric Shamy-Smith

VP Administration

Bonus: Studies show that your favourite kind of cookie makes you happy!

NGSA Weekly Newsletter

Hello wonderful nurses and nurses-to-be! Click November 16th 2014 Newsletter!

This weeks newsletter has some fascinating articles on new MS treatments out of Ottawa. I recommend you take a look as it has some promising potential.

In other news, we’ve got an upcoming DE qualifying year info session, an open house at the new Glen for ICU and Emergency, and some information on the latest survey that was sent out to newly admitted students at the Ingram School of Nursing.

So lay back, grab your favorite PDF reader, and relax with some fresh and new NGSA Newsletter material!


Eric Shamy-Smith

VP Administration


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NGSA Weekly Newsletter

Hey everyone and welcome to this weeks NGSA newsletter! November 9th 2014 Newsletter

1) The Grad Committee for the 2015 grads is going to run an AUCTION! If you have resources or contacts that would help them, give them a shout at

2) Extra extra! Read all about it! Externs being hired at CHUS!

3) It’s a bird! No it’s a plane! NO! It’s ANGELLA LAMBROU local superstar librarian! She’s coming to Wilson Hall Student lounge near you on November 11th!

4) In other news; therapeutic lying contributed to a health care review of IVF practices in Quebec. 

5) The weather is cold and getting colder. Please look through your home and donate clean socks to the homeless. There is a box in the Research Unit where they will be collected.

But actually, having clean dry socks can make massive difference. As referenced in earlier editions, not having clean dry feet contributes to some of the most prevalent biomedical issues that people who experience homelessness face.

Take and make the time to address this if you are able to.


Eric Shamy-Smith

VP Administration

NGSA Weekly Newsletter

Here is this week’s newsletter! Click: November 2nd 2014 Newsletter for the .pdf

This week involves a lot of global health, workshops for stress, and smart, concerned nurses getting together to discuss health care policy and how to best influence it.

Don’t forget to donate socks for the homeless in the Research Unit!



Eric Shamy-Smith

VP Administration


NGSA Weekly Newsletter

Here is this weeks newsletter, click October 26th 2014 Newsletter. But here’s a brief summary:

- Socks for the homeless! It’s getting cold and wet. Please bring clean socks to the Research Unit to donate to the homeless.

- Speaker series on addiction THIS MONDAY!

- Several events coming up including a Halloween party, the deadline for the 2015 grad survey is Monday evening, a Rural Aboriginal Health talk in Wilson Hall, and the McGill Nurses for Global Health are having their meeting this Monday as well (Monday seems to be popular choice this week….).

- Please check out the NGSA guidelines for attending meetings. :)

Have a great week!


Eric Shamy-Smith

VP Administration

NGSA Weekly Newsletter

Hey folks! This week holds very little in the way of newsletter items so it’s just a TLDR version. Here are a couple reminders from previous editions and some workshops and seminars that are occurring this week/month.

1) EXPLORATIONS is this week! October 23rd! Hope to see you there.

2) Friday the 31st is the Halloween party with the Medical Student Society! Let’s get our interprofessional socializing action on! Tokyo Clue 3709 St Laurent with a 10$ entry. For more details contact

3) Counselling services are hosting a number of workshops this month. If you’re feeling stressed and looking for help on how to cope, take a look. See the forwarded email “Counselling Services – October 2014″

4) Interested in an academic career? Check out the skillsets bulletin that covers this very topic as they start of an Academic Career Series! (See forwarded email “SkillSets eBulletin: Considering an Academic Career?”

5) A couple of interesting links submitted by one of your peers!

Interview with Judith Shamian on Becoming a Nursing Leader

Debating Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain


Happy October!



Eric Shamy-Smith

VP Administration