Research in Action

Ingram School of Nursing (ISoN) Research In Action (RIA) Seminar
Theme: Technology and Nursing

Wednesday, February 10 14h40 to 15h40
Wilson Hall in the Wendy Patrick Room

1) QY Aimee Castro with her Psych Master’s project “The Blogged Lives of Nurses” (10 minutes)
2) MSc2 Philippe Beauregard with his current Nursing MSc(A) project “Nursing Students’ Perceptions of Using PDDs in Community Practicum Placements” (20 minutes)
3) Faculty spot TBD (10 minutes)

Light refreshments will be provided.

Hope to see you then!
ISoN RIA Committee (Alisha (MSc2), Alyssa(MSc1), Marjorie(PhD candidate), Franco (ISoN Research Chair), Emilie (U3 BNI), Alex (NGSA))

Goals of Research in Action:
(1) Developing a stronger sense of research community and identity among students and faculty at the ISON
(2) Create a continuous venue which students and faculty can showcase and discover current nursing research at the ISON.
(3) Create a regular venue which would allow for the sharing of clinical experience and expertise and/or discussion of professional nursing issue.
(4) Create a regular venue which encourages collaboration and networking among students and faculty at the ISON.
(5) Create a regular venue which promotes research and research careers at the ISON.
(6) Create a regular venue which will allow students to gain additional experience for research presentations.

If you want to get involved or support the committee let us know!
Faculty: Franco Carnevale
Doctoral Students: Marjorie Montreuil
Graduate Students: Alex Magdzinski
Undergraduate Students: Emilie Hudson

Mark the next ISoN RIA Seminar in your calendar:
Friday April 1 from 12h00 to 13h00. Theme TBD (email us if interested in presenting).

NGSA Weekly Newsletter


Welcome to a brand new semester everybody!

1. Want to join the NGSA executive committee?  We need a Nurse-Entry student to take on the role of VP Academic (nurse-entry)!     Not a nurse-entry student? Nurse-entry, but you want a different NGSA position? Well, you’ll just have to wait for the March general elections!  And you can attend NGSA council meetings later this semester to see what the exec committee does!

2. Teaching assistantships for THIS SEMESTER are still available!

3. “Bridging the Gap”next Wednesday at 5pm in Thomson House First (few) rounds of beverage and nachos will be provided!

4. A few other good upcoming events in January.

As always, you can reach the NGSA exec committee at

Have a good weekend!

VP Administration

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Happy Holidays!

See you in the new year!

Stay tuned for winter semester events!

October 7th NGSA Executive Meeting Minutes


Oct 7th, 2015 12pm

1. Call to Order 12.10

2. Roll call of members present:

2.1. All present. Jane Li (President), Alex Magdzinski (VP Internal), Laura Merdsoy (VP Academic DE), Natalie Stake-Doucet (VP Academic NE), Tina Yao (VP Finance), Carolann Lepage (VP Communication), Robyn Graham (VP Administration)

3. Approval of the Agenda

3.1. Approved

4. New Business:

4.1. Update on RU cleanliness, cleaning schedule

– Week of Oct 19th – Jane, Tina, Natalie

– Week of November 2nd – Laura, Alex

– Week of November 16 – Carolann, Robyn

4.2. Everyone fill out exec contact spreadsheet – Tina has obtained our contact info

4.3. Need for orientation for MSc1 NE

– Nurse entry students do not currently have any formal orientation. Jane proposes speaking to faculty about the potential usefulness of a N.E. orientation. Jane also suggests that NE students be made aware of the PGSS Orientation in it’s new, interactive, tour-based format that was begun before the Fall 2015 semester.

· Jane will pursue this issue.

4.4. Constitutional Amendments

– Jane proposes that the NGSA constitution be amended in order for class representatives to have voting rights at NGSA Council meetings.

· All are in favour of this idea. Carolann will assist Jane in phrasing a constitutional amendment which can be voted upon at the next meeting. Protocols laid out by the PGSS will govern how the amendment be made.

4.4…1. Jane will clarify the official PGSS process for making a constitutional amendment.

– Jane also proposes adding an official position for Global Health Representative and also possibly a “VP Social” position. Before proposing a constitutional amendment, Jane will discuss this further with NGSA members.

4.5. Adding class reps and all execs to PGSS council meetings

– The executive council agreed unanimously that whichever two NGSA council members who express interest first will be selected to attend the PGSS Council meetings. Currently, the President and VP Academics are rotating in this role with other representative substituting as needed.

4.6. VP Finance:

– Budget

· If the NGSA spends the same amount as last year, it would require running into deficit. Therefore, the projected budget did not get voted upon for approval since changes must be made.

4.6…1. One proposed change was to decrease the proportion of the budget devoted to the graduation party. Currently, the graduation organizing committee receives nearly half of the NGSA budget.

· Jane has also begun looking into increasing funds from sponsorship both within and outside of the ISON. Ie, faculty sponsorship of certain academic events held by NGSA, CIBC sponsorship, and potential for PGSS grants.

4.7. VP Internal:

– Wine & Cheese event was well attended and appeared to be enjoyed by around 80 attendees.

· The quantity of cheese and crackers (90$ worth from Costco) was sufficient and the amount of wine was more than sufficient – 12 bottles were consumed over the first 2.5 hours, yet 16 bottles were purchased. 12 bottles would have been adequate.

· Hindrances: hot temperature in Wendy Patrick during peak attendance. More air circulation was needed, and fans should have been working and doors opened earlier.

· High attendance was attributed to the personal e-mail invitations sent by VP Academic to each faculty member. A Thank-You letter was also sent.

– Research in Progress

· The purpose of the proposed “Research in Progress” events is to bring researchers at all levels (profs, PhD, MSc, Bachelor’s, and other external) together to talk about current research being conducted, to share experiences, advice, tips, etc.

· The first event will likely take place on November 10th or 11th.

· Dr. Tsimicalis has also proposed opening up 612 presentations to general public – this would not be in the form of a typical “Research in Progress” event but can be organized collaboratively with the NGSA executive.

– Lunch & Learn

· Jane proposes as a guest speaker for an upcoming “lunch and Learn” event, the president of the DeSouza Institute who could participate via Skype. has idea for presentation

4.7…1. Jane can check with Department and PhD rep to see if there are any rooms/equipment capable of hosting a Skype presenter

– Grad Committee

· First fundraiser will be a Vintage Clothing Sale on October 19th. Time/Place TBA.

4.8. VP Communications:

– Michal Strachura, MSc DE Alum, will be hosting a gathering of DE students on November 4th at the Glen, tentatively 5-8pm. He plans to tour the Glen with DE students and show a mock PICU setting. No NGSA funds are currently allocated for this event.

– Sweaters

· Samples of sweaters have not yet been received. Carolann is in touch with Gildan for samples.

4.9. VP Academics:

– Laura will be initiating a committee to look at the issue of unclear evaluation criteria for QY students and to subsequently make suggestions/recommendations to faculty. Robyn will publicize in the Newsletter. for QY to MSc1

· QY evaluation criteria, to make this more visible to students, will go in Newsletter

– Faculty meeting

· Both VP Acedemics report no issues from te Faculty meeting that would need discussion by the NGSA executive council.

4.10. VP Administration

– No new issues.

4.11. Open discussion

– No new issues.

5. Meeting adjournment 13:25

NGSA Weekly Newsletter

NGSA Newsletter Friday, September 25th

What you’ll find in this week’s edition:

  • Join us at the NGSA Council Meeting!
  • NGSA student and faculty wine and cheese
  • Job posting
  • Research participants wanted
  • Upcoming conferences
  • Global Health Seminars

NGSA Weekly Newsletter

NGSA Newsletter Friday, September 18th

What you will find:

  • Student and Faculty Wine and Cheese
  • Job Postings
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Conference

NGSA Weekly Newsletter

NGSA Newsletter September 10th, 2015

What will you find?

Information and news on:

  • About the NGSA
  • Teaching assistant job opportunities
  • Nursing Pledge for incoming students
  • McGill Community Engagement Day
  • McGill Health and Social Services Community Leadership Bursary Program
  • The Heart – Le Coeur publication
  • Graduation Committee

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