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As this is my last newsletter of 2017, I wanted to wish you best of luck on your finals. Just reminding you that there are many de-stressing activities around campus taking place if ever you feel overwhelmed. That said, good luck with your finals, enjoy your time off school and with your families, and I’ll soon inform you again in 2018!

Cassandra Veilleux
Master of Science (Applied) Nursing Candidate – Direct-Entry Stream
VP Communications 2017-2018 || Nursing Graduate Student Association
Ingram School of Nursing || McGill University


Sunday December 3rd, 2017

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Graduate Faculty and Student Handbook Available                                            

You might be aware that last year we had one handbook for faculty and students to consult. It was determined that given the special needs of the three major categories of students, the UG, Graduate and PHD needed separate handbooks.

The UG handbook went live early this term; PHD manual followed earlier this month. Now, it was announced that the Graduate Faculty and Student Handbook is also live. You will find this document on our current student page.

This handbook is meant to accompany existing documents such as the eCalendar and GPS regulations. It is to provide clarity on Nursing specific policies and procedures. Feedback on its usefulness and/or where elaboration or inclusion would be helpful to students would be appreciated. Feel free to email me those comments and they will shared with the appropriate individuals.

December’s  Faculty of Medicine Meeting                                                               Tuesday December 5th, 2017 || Meakins Amphitheater, McIntyre Building, McGill University                           

The next Faculty Meeting of the Faculty of Medicine will be taking place on December 5th, 2017. The agenda will be available shortly, so save the date!


Discovery Day in Health Sciences- Volunteers Needed!                     Tuesday December 12th, 2017  || McGill University and The Neuro

Approximately 200 high school and CEGEP students and teachers will be on McGill University campus for Discovery Day in Health Sciences. Participants will be exploring careers in medicine and other sciences via a keynote lecture, interactive workshops and a panel discussion.Volunteers are needed to help with event day set-up/registration in the McIntyre Medical Building and/or guiding participants to and from their workshop sessions.

For details and to sign up please use our volunteer form.  You can also access this form from the McGill University & The Neuro Discovery Day page of the CMHF website at If you have any questions please contact Trish at

CIHR Research Coordinator Job Posting                                         Deadline: January 2018

Our research project aims to develop and implement a self-screening strategy for HPV and cervical cancer in Nunavik, Quebec, in order to improve the rates of screening and ultimately to reduce the burden of HPV infection and cervical cancer.

To have more information about the responsibilities it entails, check out the attached flyer

Academic Positions to Fill                  Deadline: See link below

Interested in an academic position at the ISoN? It’s you lucky day: some positions  need to be filled out! Go check out herefor more information.

Volunteer Opportunity for Community                       Deadline: Not specified

Explore! Careers in Health is a 3-day event taking place in late June 2018 that targets high school students (ages 14-17) who come from underprivileged areas of Montreal as well as rural areas of Quebec. We offer an interdisciplinary career program to the students by collaborating with many health professional programs through a series of hands-on workshops. Every year we recruit students from Nursing, Medicine, Dentistry, PT/OT, Pharmacology, Anatomy and so on to participate. (For more information about the program, see here.)

We are currently looking for people who would be interested in preparing and coordinating the Nursing workshop.

If interested in getting involved, please send an email here with your name, the position that interests you and any ideas that you may have for your position.

Tutors Needed for NUR1 323 and CHEM 232                                              No Deadline Specified

McGill Tutorial Services are looking for tutors for NUR1 323 (Illness management) and CHEM 232 (Organic Chemistry Principles). For more information, please consult the attached documents as well as email here.

Calls for Nomination: GPS Awards Deadline: Friday January 12th, 2018

I would like to call your attention to a call for nominations for GPS recognition of excellence. One award is for administrative staff; two are for graduate supervision and teaching. Criteria, timelines and requirements are provided here. For more info contact, you can always contact Sajana Jayasinghe.

Call for nominations for the following awards:

  • Award for Excellence in Service (administrative/support staff)
  • Carrie M. Derick Award for Graduate Supervision and Teaching
  • David Thomson Award for Graduate Supervision and Teaching

Committee Members Needed!            No deadline mentioned

IHPP (Indigenous Health Professional Program) is a committee that is trying to support and increase the number of Indigenous students enrolled at McGill in different health disciplines, social work is also included. The committee is comprised of several professionals/professors from the faculty of medicine and the different Schools, Dr Kent Saylor is the director of IHPP. The committee is looking for student representatives from the different disciplines, 2-4 students are needed to represent each School or Faculty. Students do not need to be Indigenous, they need to be interested in Indigenous Health. For more information, email here.


NCLEX-RN Exam Prep Course                            Saturday/Sunday January 6-7th, 2017                  

This intensive two-day NCLEX-RN® preparation course is designed to build confidence, review relevant content, and provide strategies to prepare candidates for the NCLEX-RN® exam. Developed specifically for Canadian nursing students and internationally educated nurses, who are preparing to write or rewrite the NCLEX-RN® exam in Canada.

Participants will benefit from the experience of University of Toronto nursing faculty, who will share their content expertise and in-depth knowledge of the NCLEX-RN® exam structure and foci, test taking strategies, and effective study strategies. The course includes focused sessions on selected areas of nursing practice covered in the NCLEX-RN® exam, including: delegation, chronic diseas-es, labs/diagnostics, maternal/child, paediatrics, critical care and pharmacology. Participants will have an opportunity to write and get feedback on a MOCK exam, and discuss individual learning needs with faculty. For more information, check out this!


Indigenous Health Conference: Looking for Abstracts                                       Deadline: Friday January 12th, 2018 

We are pleased to welcome your abstract submissions to the Indigenous Health Conference (IHC): Walking Together. The 2018 conference is designed to help healthcare providers understand how Indigenous ways of knowing with respect to health and well-being can be utilized in healthcare approaches for Indigenous peoples.

Selected abstracts from health care professionals, community partners and those involved in Indigenous Health will profile the work being done surrounding these and various topics through posters, oral presentations, and workshops.


2018 FRESQue Summit    

We are very proud and thrilled to announce to you that the 2018 FRESQue Summit will be held on Medical Overuse in Montreal in March 2018, with the exact date and location to be confirmed.

There is indeed a growing concern around medical overuse, overdiagnosis and overtreatment, and the place they are taking in our healthcare system. Medical overuse is defined by the Institute of Medicine as “care in the absence of a clear medical basis for use or when the benefit of therapy does not outweigh risks” (BMJ, 2015).

While trying to comprehend what defines overuse by opposition to the right amount of care needed in a patient centered continuum, this year’s 2018 FRESQue Summit will be a great opportunity for all of us to learn more and act on this high impact subject. We will try to answer some  questions while having a broader look at some of the medical overuse administrative effects on the organization of health services, including management of healthcare costs. Recommendations will thus be formulated in the context of the Quebec healthcare system.

Take note that we will start accepting memoirs on this topic. You can send them in here.

Attached, you will find an invitation to take part in this journey with us! We invite you to get on board one of our committees in preparation of our summit. Join us and pass the word!

Graduate Ethnography Course Offered Winter 2018                            

A graduate ethnography course is being offered in Winter 2018 (FMED690: Advanced Ethnography: Context, Complexity & Coordination). If you use or wish to learn about ethnography as a methodology, and more broadly about the philosophy of science and research rigour, this course is for you. The course covers:  debates about research rigour and ethics; principles and assumptions of ethnography; how to undertake ethnographic data collection, including practical experience; and ethnographic writing. If your research is based on ethnography, the assignments will be based on your work. This course, therefore, will enhance your understanding of ethnography and be practically useful in writing your thesis or papers. Although delivered by the Department of Family Medicine within the Faculty of Medicine, this course is not exclusive to health and medicine, covering ethnography generally, and, therefore, is relevant to students in various disciplines or fields, including anthropology, sociology, education, organization studies, communication studies, cultural studies, nursing studies, law, architecture, planning and other fields. The course is offered by Dr. Peter Nugus, a sociologist and ethnographer in the Department of Family Medicine, McGill University. For more information, contact Dr. Nugus.

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