NGSA Weekly Newsletter

Hey snurses!

I hope that you had a good week and that you got the chance to try out the new Keurig coffee machine in the Research Unit. Here’s a quick shout out to the first year nurse-entry students who just graduated: the OIIQ has mailed the exam results and you should get your results by Tuesday if you haven’t gotten them yet. I really hope that you all passed the exam, and I think it would be worth coming to our Social Event on the 30th to celebrate this! Congratulations to all of you 😀

On another note, here are good news: Wilson Hall should get a complete revamp shortly!!! In fact, McGill has been accumulating so much extra money that the university was able to give a $500,000 loan to Dr. Arthur Porter, former CEO at the MUHC, and now they want to use the rest of the extra money to renovate our decrepit building… As much as I like to dream and wish that our building would get the promised overhaul it deserves, well McGill does not have enough funds right now: they’re suing Porter for failing to pay back his loan, and the Wilson Hall renovations have apparently been pushed back to 2014 at the earliest…

In the meantime, enjoy reading this second issue of our weekly NGSA newsletter, and I’ll get back to you next week!

Have a wonderful weekend!
On behalf of your NGSA,
Maxim (VP-Comm)


  1. Research Unit Clean Up – Seeking Volunteers (November 20th)
  2. NGSA Social Gathering Date Change (November 30th)
  3. Potential Flu Shot Clinic for Nursing Students (December 12th)
  4. New Keurig Coffee Machine Update


1- Research Unit Clean Up – Seeking Volunteers 

In a continued attempt to make the Research Unit a welcoming student space, the NGSA will be conducting a clean up from 11:30 – 2:30 on Tuesday November 20th.  Volunteers to help out are welcome and appreciated. A surprise addition to the RU will be arriving on Tuesday, so stop by and check it out!

2- NGSA Social Gathering Date Change

Due to a booking conflict the NGSA social gathering has been changed to Friday November 30th from 5-7PM.  It will be taking place at Thomson House, room 404. We invite everyone to take a break from end-of-semester papers and enjoy FREE FOOD on behalf of your NGSA!

3-  Potential Flu Shot Clinic for Nursing Students

The NGSA is considering hosting a free flu shot clinic in the Research Unit on December 12th in collaboration with Student Health Services.  We are looking for feedback with regards to willingness to attend/need for this type of service.  If all could fill out the brief survey at the link below before November 23rd, it would be much appreciated!

4- New Keurig Coffee Machine in the Research Unit

A quick reminder to try the new coffee machine in the Research Unit! If you haven’t had a chance to stop by and check it out, here are some photos of the new addition.



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