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Hey snurses!

It’s finally here: The day many wives, girlfriends, partners, friends and colleagues have been waiting for – the final day of Movember. Time to let go of these mustaches, November 30 marks the final day when thousands of men from across the world will take one last look at their moustaches before taking ta razor to their upper lips. This year also marks the end of the most successful prostate cancer fundraiser to date. In Canada, Mo-Bros have raised over $33 million for the cause, that’s twice as much as the U.S., and the McGill network has raised over 72,000$!

On this final day of November, another amazing event is taking place: the first NGSA official social gathering. Remember to show up at Thomson House, room 404, from 5:00-8:00pm to enjoy FREE food on us! Get ready to brace the cold, considering the 20 C drop (from +11 last week to -11 today) and come have fun with your colleagues and student representatives 😀

Enjoy reading this fourth issue of the weekly NGSA newsletter I’ll get back to you next week!

Have a wonderful weekend!
On behalf of your NGSA,
Maxim (VP-Comm)

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  1. NGSA Website Official Launch (November 30)
  2. World AIDS Day – 5 minutes of Online Silence (December 1)
  3. Applying for graduation (December 3)
  4. Annual MCH Pediatrics Ethics Conference (December 5)
  5. NGSA Logo Contest (December 31)
  6. Addendum – Interprofessional Global Health Course Registration


1 – NGSA Website Official Launch

Good news: We are pleased to announce the official launch of our website, thank you all for your patience as we know it’s been in the works for a while now. We are very excited about everything and will be updating the site with news, events and a blog post every week, there are still certain things we are working on but we’ve decided to go ahead with the launch.

2 – World AIDS Day – 5 minutes of Online Silence

Would you like to participate in something memorable tomorrow: on December 1, 2012 the Farha Foundation will be honouring world aids day by asking everyone for five minutes of online silence. It’s pretty easy to do and it’s for a good cause: simply refrain from engaging in any online conversation including tweeting, posting, emailing or texting in recognition of 20 years of tireless work in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The power of a few can be great, but the power of many is unstoppable!


3 – Applying for graduation

Time sensitive: If your last term of studies is Fall 2012, you only have 3 days left to apply to graduate, the official deadline being December 3rd, 2012. You should hurry-up and apply for graduation through Minerva.

For the ones whose last term of studies is Winter 2013, you still have time: you should apply to graduate by the end of February 2013, the tentative deadline being March 11th, 2013.  However, to ensure you do not miss the deadline, you can do it in advance (right now if you want) to make sure you don’t forget the deadline.

For more information, visit our academic page.

4 – Annual MCH Pediatric Ethics Conference

The MCH annual Pediatric Ethics Conference will be held Wednesday December 5th 2012 from 8:00-12:15 in the Montreal Children’s Hospital amphitheater D-162. The theme of the conference this year is “Children should be seen but not heard? Examining the ethical importance of the voice of the child”. Please find attached the conference schedule – 2012 pediatric ethics conference poster

Speakers are:
Dr. Douglas Diekema, MD, MPH, Professor of Pediatrics, University of Washington School of Medicine and Director of Education;  Treuman Katz center for Pediatric Bioethics, Seattle Children’s Research center;  Dr. Franco Carnevale, Chair of the MCH Pediatric Ethics Committee;  Lori Seller;  and Dr. Preetha Krishnamoorthy, MCH pediatric endocrinologist.

The MCH Pediatric Ethics Committee welcomes everyone to attend!
No attendance charge – No registration required.

5 – NGSA Logo Contest

Would you like to win $100? The NGSA needs a logo, and we need your help. And to sweeten the offer, we’re willing to pay one lucky student $100 for their amazing original design! See your logo on the website, facebook group, banners, apparel, official documents, etc. All the time. Forever. (Kind of.) The contest is open to all students at McGill and Concordia University. You don’t have to be a snurse to enter. For more details, please have a look at the official rules of the contest on our Logo Contest Page We are accepting submissions until December 31, 2012 (that’s if the world doesn’t end beforehand…) Good luck to all participants!

6 – Addendum – Interprofessional Global Health Course Registration

Interested in an international field placement? Want to learn about Global Health in a local context? Want experience working collaboratively with other healthcare professionals?

Join the McGill Interprofessional Global Health Course on Mondays from 6-8pm, starting on January 14th. See their website to learn more about the topics and schedule

Registration will begin on December 1st and end on December 31st, or when all spots are filled. Registration will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. The number of spots per faculty are allocated based on faculty size. Nursing students in their U3 year or in graduate studies will have priority for registration. Remaining spots may open for U2 students only.

**To register, email with your name, student ID, email, program and year of study.**

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