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Hey snurses!

For those of you who dropped by the Research Unit in the past week, you’ve probably noticed the electrical problems (i.e. the breaker has been tripping daily)… this is one of the many disadvantages of being in McGill’s oldest non-renovated building! We’ve addressed this issue with the building director, and we are currently trying to get supplementary electrical supply. In the meantime, we’ve rearranged the appliances and put up signs with instructions. Please read them carefully before using any appliance, and make sure to use the coffee maker or microwave oven one-at-a-time. We are really sorry about this, but it is out of our control. We are doing our best to get this resolved asap. Thank you for your cooperation.

Now on a positive note, enjoy reading this fifth issue of the weekly NGSA newsletter! I’ll get back to you next week with the last issue for this semester.

Have a wonderful weekend!
On behalf of your NGSA,
Maxim (VP-Comm)



  1. MDNC Meeting (December 11th)
  2. Free Flu Shot Clinic (December 12th)
  3. Approximate announcement date for ISoN Alumni Award winners (December 13th)
  4. Call for abstracts and posters for 17th annual McGill ‘Pain Day’ (December 14th)
  5. Register for McGill Interprofessional Global Health Course (December 31st)
  6. NGSA Logo Contest Reminder (December 31st)


1- MDNC Meeting

The MDNC would like to remind everyone that the next meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 11th @ 
in Room 104, Wilson Hall. A member of the Jewish General Hospital Research Ethics Office will be speaking to us about the how-to’s of submitting a research ethics application.

2- Free Flu Shot Clinic


If you haven’t yet got around to getting protected against the influenza virus this season, your NGSA, in collaboration with Student Health Services, is offering a one-time FREE vaccination clinic!

Drop by the Research Unit in Wilson Hall (room 224) on Wednesday, December 12th @ 12:00-01:00pm to get your FREE vaccine! To make this experience that much more fun, your NGSA will provide FREE beverages, cookies, and fruits.

This is a free service to all Ingram School of Nursing students, both at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Free Flu Shot Poster

3- Approximate announcement date for ISoN Alumni Award winners

We have been informed that the meeting for evaluations of all applications for the Ingram School of Nursing Alumni Award has been set for December 13th.  Winners of the awards will be announced shortly after this date.

4 – Call for abstracts and posters for 17th annual McGill ‘Pain Day’

The annual McGill Pain Day will be taking place January 24th, 2012.  All students interested in submitting a poster for the pain day poster competition are invited to do so.  All abstracts and posters must be received by next Friday, December 14th, 2012.

Abstracts may be uploaded at A PDF file of your poster should be emailed to: for evaluation by a panel of judges.

For more information, visit their website at

5- Register for McGill Interprofessional Global Health Course

Although registration for the McGill Interprofessional Global Health Course has only started last week, all nursing and dentistry seats are already full. However, waitlisting has begun: if there are remaining seats from the other programs past the deadline, then these seats will open up for people on the waitlist.

The McGill Interprofessional Global Health Course will be taking place on Mondays from 6-8pm, starting on January 14th.See their website to learn more

To register (for the waitlist), email with your name, student ID, email, program and year of study. Registration will end on December 31st, or when all spots are filled. Registration will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. The number of spots per faculty are allocated based on faculty size.

6- NGSA Logo Contest Reminder

We would like to remind you that you still have until December 31st to submit your candidacy for the NGSA Logo Contest.  You could win $100! The contest is open to all students at McGill and Concordia University. For more details, please have a look at the official rules of the contest on our Logo Contest Page. Good luck to all participants!


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