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Hey snurses!

Is this semester driving you nuts? Do you feel like you’re about to go mad? If like me you really need a moment to breathe, don’t worry: there are only two more weeks to go before the reading week! In the meantime, plenty of fun stuff is coming up to change your mind and enjoy some time withy our colleagues, particularly the FREE annual NGSA Wine & Cheese!

Have a look at this issue of the weekly NGSA newsletter for more details, and stay tuned for your weekly dose of NGSA information.

Have a wonderful weekend!
On behalf of your NGSA,
Maxim (VP-Comm)



  1. MDNC Meetings (February 19th, March 20th)
  2. NGSA Annual Wine & Cheese – FREE! (February 28th)
  3. Volunteering opportunity with the Canadian Cancer Society
  4. Participants needed for sociolinguistic study – French only!
  5. Addendum: Invigilator needed for this week – URGENT!


1- MDNC Meetings

Please mark your calendars for the following McGill Doctoral Nursing Colloquium meeting:
Wednesday March 20th, 2013
Wendy Patrick Room, Wilson Hall
Speaker: Dr. Brett Thombs will present “Myths and Measures: The Ins and Outs of Depression and its Measurement”
**Please note that this meeting is being generously sponsored by the Douglas Institute and will include a light lunch (rsvp requested) – see MDNC Poster – Douglas attached

Also, a reminder about the MDNC meeting for February:
Tuesday February 19th, 2013
Room 223 Wilson Hall
Speaker: Dr. Janet Rennick will speak to us about the development of her program of research with a focus on how her clinical practice and joint appointment have helped to shape her research.


2- NGSA Annual Wine & Cheese – FREE!

What: The name of the event is pretty explicit… Wine & Cheese (plus crackers and grapes)
Who: All Ingram School of Nursing graduate students and faculty
Purpose: Network, mingle, discuss career goals, etc. = Have Fun!
When: Thursday February 28th, 2013 from 4:00-6:00
Where: Wilson Hall, Wendy Patrick
Cost: All you can eat/drink for FREE! (limited quantities, until we run out)

Wine & Cheese

3- Volunteering opportunity with the Canadian Cancer Society

**Disclaimer: This ad was sent to the NGSA in French only, we are sorry about this. We will see if we can get the material in English shortly.**
La Société canadienne du cancer est présentement à la recherche d’étudiants ou de diplômés dans un domaine de la santé pour soutenir les activités terrain de sa campagne de sensibilisation des rayons UV dans les écoles secondaires. Veuillez consulter le poster ci-joint pour plus d’informations si vous désirez être bénévole. Votre aide est très appréciée et nous vous remercions d’emblée de l’intérêt que vous portez à notre demande.

SCC - Recrutement Bénévoles UV  

4- Participants needed for sociolinguistic study – French only!

Je suis une chercheuse américaine ayant reçu une bourse Fulbright pour passer l’année scolaire 2012-2013 à Montréal étudiant la représentation de langue et d’identité dans des espaces académiques. Je travaille sous la supervision de Madame Mireille Tremblay, professeure au Département de linguistique et de traduction de l’Université de Montréal.

Je cherche des étudiants francophones nés et ayant grandi dans la Grande Région de Montréal pour participer à une étude sociolinguistique. Vous participerez à une conversation à propos de votre expérience à McGill et autres sujets d’intérêt.

Si vous êtes intéressés à participer, veuillez me contacter par téléphone au (438) 931-4073 ou par courriel à l’adresse suivante :
Bien cordialement, Eva Valenti

5- Addendum: Invigilator needed for this week – URGENT!

Professor Madeleine Buck is requesting a student invigilator for the NUR1 324 midterm exam Thursday, February 21st.  The invigilator would be needed from 6PM onward.

Any interested individuals are to contact Madeleine Buck immediately.

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