NGSA Weekly Newsletter – October 7, 2013


October 7, 2013

  1. NGSA By-Elections Results
  2. Master’ degree scholarships / training awards (see attachment)
  3. Announcement: Service Point – P@geMe


 NGSA By-Elections Results

 We thank those who voted in last week’s By Elections. Please join us in welcoming the new NGSA executives.

President—Katrina Obas

VP Administration—Abbey Mahon

VP Communications—Sarah Logan

VP Finance—Janna Stace

VP Internal—Bailey Rathwell

VP Academic M.Sc. –Brandy Vanderbyl (returning)


If you have any questions for the new executives, do not hesitate to email them to


 Master’ degree scholarships / training awards

Dear nursing colleague,

I am an adjunct assistant professor at the Ingram School of Nursing and an associate member of the Clinical Epidemiology Division at McGill. I am currently leading a CIHR-funded study in the area of nursing informatics and patient safety. As part of this study, I am offering a Master’s scholarship/training award for a student interested in conducting a Master’s project in this area of research. The attached document provides some additional details about this award.

Could you please circulate this information among the members of your association and post it on your website.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any additional information.


Christian Rochefort, Ph.D., RN
Chercheur-boursier junior 1 FRQ-S
Assitant professor, Ingram School of Nursing
Associate Member, Division of Clinical Epidemiology

Clinical & Health Informatics Research Group
McGill University / McGill University Health Centre

1140, Pine Avenue West
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3A 1A3
Tel.: (514) 934-1934 x-32999

Fax: (514) 843-1551



Announcement: Service Point – P@geMe


Service Point is pleased to announce the launch of a new service to current McGill students: P@geMe.

Q: What is P@geMe?

A: Instead of having to physically visit Service Point to take a paper ticket reserving their place in our daily queue, current McGill students may use P@geMe from anywhere on campus, and via the internet. Once a student has added themself to our “virtual” queue, they can continue to study in the Library, or work in the labs, or relax in the café. P@geMe will notify them via McGill email or SMS text messaging once there are only ten people in line ahead of them, inviting them to make their way to Service Point to check-in at our reception desk. Once done, they’re fast-tracked for immediate service!

Q: Who can use P@geMe, and is there a fee for using it?

A: P@geMe is available to current McGill students seeking assistance from Service Point. There is no charge for using this service, though if the student opts to be notified of their place in line via SMS text messaging to their handheld device, their regular carrier charges apply.

Q: Where can students get more information about P@geMe?

A: A full description of the service, and link to P@geMe system itself is available from our website:

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