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Happy New Year Everyone!

The NGSA is happy to bring you the first newsletter of 2014, and I have to say the events listed are pretty exciting. As always, if you know of any conferences, events or seminars that might interest your colleagues, please feel free to send an email with a brief description of the event, the date, time, location, registration info, etc etc, and I’ll pass the word along. Also, the NGSA will be hosting several social and academic events in the new year, so if you have any ideas or feedback to share with us please email – we’d love to hear from you.

This week’s issue includes:

  1. The Heart (McGill’s Graduate Nursing Magazine) is now a blog!
  2. McGill Interprofessional Global Health Seminar (Starts January 14th)
  3. Novia University of Applied Sciences in Finland -interprofessional resource promoting health and social care education at  the bachelor and masters level (January 15th)
  4. McGill Nurses for Global Health Presents: International Night! (January 16th)
  5. Vaccines: Impact on Global Health and Economics (January 20th)
  6. Call For Papers! International Symposium on Human Nature (Submissions Due February 28th)

I would also like to welcome back this year’s batch of global health master’s students. Congrats on finishing your placements.

Best of luck this semester!


The Heart- Le Coeur Magazine (the graduate student magazine) is now delivered to you as a blog !

In this issue:

  • An Interview with Maryse Godin, CNS at MGH
  • An article from Marilyse Nguyen, MSc.A 2012 and Stephanie Lebel-Rispa, Msc.A
  • ”Forging a Path Towards Médecins Sans Frontières”
  • Some research abstracts from the graduation year 2013

Hope you enjoy !

Please note the team is still looking for new volunteers !

The Heart Editing team

McGill Interprofessional Global Health Seminar

 Do you want to learn more about Global Health? Are you interested in an international field placement? Do you want experience working collaboratively with other healthcare professionals?

Join the 7th Edition of the McGill Interprofessional Global Health Course on Tuesdays from 6 – 8pm in Leacock 232, running from January 14th, 2014 to March 25th, 2014.

To resister please contact Kara at



Novia University of Applied Sciences in Finland -interprofessional resource promoting health and social care education at  the bachelor and masters level


            The Ingram School of Nursing is pleased to present visiting scholars Dr. Liljertoth and Dr. Vaartio-Rajalin,  who will be chairing a round table discussion on “Novia University of Applied Sciences in Finland -interprofessional resource promoting health and social care education at  the bachelor and masters level”

Lunch and Learn: Wednesday, January 15 th, 12:00 – 13:00

Wilson Hall, 3506 University Street, in the Wendy Patrick Room on the first floor.

All graduate students are welcome!

McGill Nurses for Global Health presents International Night!

Want to learn more about working in Global Health? Or opportunities to do your Masters in the Global Health Stream? Come join us at this year’s international potluck event to enjoy traditional food from around the world and hear from speakers with international expertise! You will be able to mingle with students and professionals who have worked abroad or currently doing studies in Global Health

We will also have tables representing various initiatives on campus that you can get involved in as well as career info about how to look for an international job or work for an NGO.

We ask all guests to please bring a traditional dish, from any country, to contribute to the potluck. Those who are unable to bring a dish will be asked for a $5.00 contribution. We hope to see you there!
Thursday, January 16th from 6-9pm (Please arrive at 530)
Thomson House (MacTavish)

Fill out the following form to register:

Vaccines: Impact on Global Health and Economics

By Dr. Lorne A Babiuk, 2013 Killam Prize Winner in Health Sciences
2014 Canada Council Killam Prize Lecture Series

Monday, January 20, 2014
5:30 to 6:30 p.m.

McGill Faculty Club
3450 McTavish

To Register, please go to:

Please note that seating is first-come, first-served. A reception will follow.

Questions? Please contact Lorraine Torpy at 514-398-3992.


CALL FOR PAPERS -Interdisciplinary symposium on human nature

The  Groupe d’étude interdisciplinaire sur la nature humaine (GEINH)  announces the  4th

edition of its annual symposium, which will be held at the Department of Anthropology of the

University of Montreal on March 31st and April 1st , 2014.

You are invited  to share your  experience as a researcher by presenting  your research  and

knowledge in your field of expertise on the following topic:

“Morality & Evolution”

The symposium brings together  talks  of graduate students and researchers from different  fields  of expertise in order to tackle issues  about  human nature in  an interdisciplinary framework.  These  research areas range from anthropology to biology,  to psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, linguistics, political sciences, and many others. This year, we would like to promote the  diversity of approaches used to address  the theme Morality  & Evolution.  The diversity applies  both  to  morality  sub-themes  and to  its  scales  of study. Ethics, free-will, empathy, decision-making, altruism, cooperation, reciprocity, and the concepts of norms and  fairness  are some examples of sub-themes  relating to morality.  The scales  of study  refer to  the different levels used to explain the phenomenon. These are  the proximate (physiological mechanisms),  ontogenetic  (developmental),  phylogenetic,  and ultimate  (functional)  levels as well as  the  historical, social and cultural ones.  Here are some examples of subjects that would fit the symposium’s theme:

  The evolution and function of morality;

  The neurobiological bases of morality;

  The environmental influence on the development of moral behaviors;

  The development of moral behaviors in children;

  The  impact  of  brain  injuries  and/or  neuropsychiatric  disorders  on  the  expression  of

moral behaviors;

  Morality in an interspecific perspective;

  The link between morality and language;

  Mirror neurons, empathy and morality;

  Morality, consciousness, free-will and ethics;

  The origins of sociocultural norms;

  Morality as a cultural and/or a biological phenomenon;

  The human universals linked to the phenomenon of morality;

  The cross-cultural differences in moral behaviors;

  Etc…

– SUBMISSION GUIDELINES -The symposium aims to promote  discussions  between the  natural  and social sciences  on

morality  by  addressing  it  in an evolutionary perspective.  Accordingly, we invite you to

describe  in a few lines  how  the topic of  your talk relates to this  aspect.  About  15  student

talks will be selected. Each talk will last 20 minutes and will be followed by a short period for


Please, submit your proposals with the following items by February 28th, 2014 at :

o   Your full name and affiliated university

o   Your academic level and field of study

o   The title of your talk

o   A 500-word abstract (in French or English)

o   The link between your talk and the symposium’s theme



***That’s it! Have a great week everyone***

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