NGSA Weekly Newsletter

1. NGSA Skating Day! (February 22nd)
2. The Heart Magazine/ blog is looking for new contributors
3. Clothing Survey

NGSA Skating Day

Lace up those skates, put on your tights and toque, and hit the ice with the NGSA. We will meet at Parc Lafontaine at 2:00 pm on Saturday, February 22nd for some skating fun, pastries and hot chocolate (and whipped cream due to the insistence of our VP Internal). Families welcome!

Where: Parc Lafontaine ice rink (located in the center west of the park); Bar L’inspecteur 4051 Rue Saint-Hubert
When: skating from 2-4pm;
What to bring: Your skates! You can rent skates for $7, and a locker for $3. Also, a reusable cup for hot chocolate.

Early birds will be treated to the slapstick antics of your VP Administration, as she attempts to master the ice for the first time since childhood. Not to be missed.

The Heart Magazine and Blog is looking for Contributors

The McGill graduate nursing magazine is looking for editors and contributors. If you have a paper, abstract, interview, creative writing piece or editorial to publish, or if you are interested in getting involved in the editing and publishing process, please get in touch with them at .

You can access the new online version of The Heart (which I suggest, it is very interesting) at .

Show them some love in the comments section, these guys do excellent work!

Clothing Sale Survey

We will be having a clothing sale where you guys can purchase various items of clothing with the McGill Insignia and “graduate nursing”. To help us plan the clothing sale and have a better idea of the demand, please complete the survey listed below. Additional details on time, place and purchasing information will come in the next newsletter.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for the clothing sale that aren’t covered in the survey, please feel free to email, and we will take your feedback into consideration for this and/or future sales.


*** That’s all, guys, thanks for reading! ***

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