NGSA Weekly Newsletter

Hey folks! This week holds very little in the way of newsletter items so it’s just a TLDR version. Here are a couple reminders from previous editions and some workshops and seminars that are occurring this week/month.

1) EXPLORATIONS is this week! October 23rd! Hope to see you there.

2) Friday the 31st is the Halloween party with the Medical Student Society! Let’s get our interprofessional socializing action on! Tokyo Clue 3709 St Laurent with a 10$ entry. For more details contact

3) Counselling services are hosting a number of workshops this month. If you’re feeling stressed and looking for help on how to cope, take a look. See the forwarded email “Counselling Services – October 2014”

4) Interested in an academic career? Check out the skillsets bulletin that covers this very topic as they start of an Academic Career Series! (See forwarded email “SkillSets eBulletin: Considering an Academic Career?”

5) A couple of interesting links submitted by one of your peers!

Interview with Judith Shamian on Becoming a Nursing Leader

Debating Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain


Happy October!



Eric Shamy-Smith

VP Administration

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