NGSA Weekly Newsletter

Hey everyone and welcome to this weeks NGSA newsletter! November 9th 2014 Newsletter

1) The Grad Committee for the 2015 grads is going to run an AUCTION! If you have resources or contacts that would help them, give them a shout at

2) Extra extra! Read all about it! Externs being hired at CHUS!

3) It’s a bird! No it’s a plane! NO! It’s ANGELLA LAMBROU local superstar librarian! She’s coming to Wilson Hall Student lounge near you on November 11th!

4) In other news; therapeutic lying contributed to a health care review of IVF practices in Quebec. 

5) The weather is cold and getting colder. Please look through your home and donate clean socks to the homeless. There is a box in the Research Unit where they will be collected.

But actually, having clean dry socks can make massive difference. As referenced in earlier editions, not having clean dry feet contributes to some of the most prevalent biomedical issues that people who experience homelessness face.

Take and make the time to address this if you are able to.


Eric Shamy-Smith

VP Administration

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