NGSA Weekly Newsletter

Hey everyone!

This weeks newsletter (February 1th 2015) brings you information on a new funding opportunity for those who have or are planning on attending academic conferences since Fall 2014. In addition, you can read about a group of students from several programs who have developed an initiative to address the ongoing outbreak of Ebola in West Africa.

Furthermore, we’re starting to slightly change the direction of the articles that we think you might find interesting. We’re going to try and aim for subjects that are less often mentioned or discussed in your coursework. This week we’re including a couple of articles from nursing journals that focus on mental health. Specifically; “nurses attitudes towards self harm” and “the lived experience in teaching mental health nursing”.

If you can think of articles or subjects that you think would be valuable for nursing students to read please let us know. This particularly applies to subjects that you think have not been covered in our studies.

Sincerely and with great cheer

Eric Shamy-Smith

VP Administration

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