NGSA Elections 2015!

Interested in participating in the NGSA? The year is quickly coming to an end and a new NGSA executive team will have to be elected. If you’re interested in applying, you can email our president: with the application form attached (Nomination Form Spring 2015). All positions will be open and the election dates are from March 30th to April 1st. For more information on each of the positions below, check out our constitution: NGSA Constitution April 2014

Any regular member of the NGSA in satisfactory standing, as determined by McGill University, may seek election for the following open positions, providing they acquire the nomination of three (3) other regular members of the Association and that they fulfill the requirements listed in this constitution:
a. President
b. Vice President Academic Master’s
c. Vice President Administration
d. Vice President Finance
e. Vice President Communication
f. Vice President Internal Affairs

10.4 Candidates for the position of President shall preferably have had at least one year of experience on Council.

10.5 Candidates for the Vice President Academic Master’s and Vice President Academic Doctoral positions must be respectively Master’s and Doctoral students.

10.6 The Vice President Academic Doctoral will be decided by consensus or, if necessary, by secret ballot by doctoral students, and the nominee will be recommended to the President of the NGSA for appointment.

10.7 Each candidate must plan to serve full term of office and if graduation is expected before the end of term, then the candidate must disclose such information.

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