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March 22nd 2015 Newsletter

Good evening you wonderful nurses!

I know that many of you might be loathing the recent snowfall and ache for the summer breezes to hurry up and arrive, but fret not, for your trials and tribulations will be over soon. Only a few more weeks left of NGSA newsletters (and school) after all so savour them while you still can!

This weeks newsletter includes some of the same announcements that were included in the last for those still looking for jobs, and some interesting health policy discussions. Most important in this newsletter is…(drumroll!)

1) SPEED NURSING!!!! IT’S HERE IT’S READY AND IT IS WAITING FOR YOU TO ARRIVE! This March 25th at 1800 at Thompson house you can experience the indescribable even that is speed nursing!

2) Worn out by the excitement that was speed nursing (who wouldn’t be?) well than you can stay with us from 1900 and enjoy some wine to parch your throat and some cheese to sate your belly. Faculty are also invited so take this opportunity to realize that faculty are people to!

3) Do you feel the ambition for power? Like Francis Underwood, do you crave a seat on the executive council (trust me, if he was a nurse, he would want to be)? Well than this is your opportunity. Attached (NGSA Constitution April 2014 Nomination Form Spring 2015) you’ll find the NGSA constitution that outlines all the duties and responsibilities of each executive member. Make your choice and you too could grab hold of the reigns of democratic power! The election is on March 30th and you’ll have 3 days to vote! If you’re interested, you can send the election form (in the newsletter) to



Eric Shamy-Smith

VP Administration

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