NGSA Weekly Newsletter + Election Results!

April 5th 2015

Hello amazing nurses! In this weeks newsletter we’ve got the ELECTION RESULTS. However I also have the dubious pleasure of informing you all that we have a TIE between our two VP Academic Direct Entry Candidates, Laura Merdsoy and Alisha Michalovic! As a result, a by-election will take place NEXT MONDAY April the 13th to see who will be elected between these two individuals.

To see the rest of the election results check out our newsletter! In other news, you can read about some job opportunities, a video that was put out by the family medicine organization of Quebec in response to Bill 20, and a helpful reminder to get started on those term papers you’ve been putting off.

Don’t panic, you’re almost there and soon you’ll feel like this


Talk to you soon!

Eric Shamy-Smith

VP Administration

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