Research in Action

Ingram School of Nursing (ISoN) Research In Action (RIA) Seminar
Theme: Technology and Nursing

Wednesday, February 10 14h40 to 15h40
Wilson Hall in the Wendy Patrick Room

1) QY Aimee Castro with her Psych Master’s project “The Blogged Lives of Nurses” (10 minutes)
2) MSc2 Philippe Beauregard with his current Nursing MSc(A) project “Nursing Students’ Perceptions of Using PDDs in Community Practicum Placements” (20 minutes)
3) Faculty spot TBD (10 minutes)

Light refreshments will be provided.

Hope to see you then!
ISoN RIA Committee (Alisha (MSc2), Alyssa(MSc1), Marjorie(PhD candidate), Franco (ISoN Research Chair), Emilie (U3 BNI), Alex (NGSA))

Goals of Research in Action:
(1) Developing a stronger sense of research community and identity among students and faculty at the ISON
(2) Create a continuous venue which students and faculty can showcase and discover current nursing research at the ISON.
(3) Create a regular venue which would allow for the sharing of clinical experience and expertise and/or discussion of professional nursing issue.
(4) Create a regular venue which encourages collaboration and networking among students and faculty at the ISON.
(5) Create a regular venue which promotes research and research careers at the ISON.
(6) Create a regular venue which will allow students to gain additional experience for research presentations.

If you want to get involved or support the committee let us know!
Faculty: Franco Carnevale
Doctoral Students: Marjorie Montreuil
Graduate Students: Alex Magdzinski
Undergraduate Students: Emilie Hudson

Mark the next ISoN RIA Seminar in your calendar:
Friday April 1 from 12h00 to 13h00. Theme TBD (email us if interested in presenting).

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