Committees & Groups

Here are the various committees and groups you can get involved in as an NGSA student:

Nursing Student Committee for Equity and Diversity (NSCED) 

Working together to increase nursing students’ awareness and involvement regarding social equity issues.

McGill Research in Action Committee (RiA)

Nursing students working to create a continuous venue, which promotes research, sharing of clinical experience and expertise, and a discussion of professional issues in nursing.

Social Committee 

Interested in helping out with the organization and planning of NGSA social event ? Consider becoming a social rep by joining the social committee, which is run by the NGSA’s VP Internal!

McGill Nurses for Healthy Policy (MNHP)

Nursing students who aim to take an active role in the current provincial discussions on health policies.

McGill Nurses for Global Health (MNGH)

Nursing students committed to fostering awareness on issues of global health and social justice in the McGill community and in the Montreal area.

McGill Nursing Peer Mentorship Program (NPMP)

Designed to support students in their transition into Nursing. Students are paired with a mentor to assist them in all aspects of university life as they progress through the course of their studies.

Student-Faculty Advisory Committee (SFAC)

The Student-Faculty Advisory Committee (SFAC) is responsible for ensuring ongoing discussions and analyses of issues identified by students and/or faculty, and proposing strategic responses for managing these issues. NGSA students who are invited to sit on this committee are the VP Academics DE, NE and NP, and the Student Representatives of each cohort.

Student-Faculty Communication Committee (SFCC)

The Student-Faculty Communication Committee aims to address issues of communication within the ISON by : 
  • Provide a platform to discuss strategies to address ongoing communication challenges within the ISoN
  • Recommend solutions to communication challenges and collaboratively implement interventions with other groups or committees within ISoN
  • Evaluate the outcome of implemented interventions within the ISoN.
  • Support an ongoing healthy and safe working and learning environment for all members of the ISON by proactively addressing issues of communication and providing adequate follow-up and evaluation through time

NGSA students included in the membership are : one graduate student who is a co-chair, one DE representative, one NE representative and one NP representative.


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