Louisa Mussells Pires

Hello, my name is Louisa and I am delighted to be your co-president with Robin Grantner for the 2019-2020 academic year. Having previously completed a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Masters in Public Health, I am currently in the first year of the MSc(A) year of the direct-entry program. I have experience working in community/public health and most recently, have been involved in working to open a community-led health clinic in Montreal-North. I am especially passionate about improving access to care in Quebec; a timely issue within the current political and healthcare climate. I look forward to representing the NGSA within various university and province-wide organizations, such as PGSS and the Forum sur la Relève Étudiante pour la Santé au Québec (FRESQue).





Robin Grantner

Hello! I’m Robin and I’m an MSc 2 student in the Direct-Entry stream. Outside of school, I enjoy cooking and eating delicious food, reading books written by women, being outside, and riding for long distances on my lovely bike, Lucy.


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