Jasmine Alami

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My name is Jasmine Alami, I am the NGSA President for the 2018-2019 academic year! I have a BSc. in Anatomy and Cell Biology from McGill, and am now in my last year of the Direct-Entry Masters in Nursing. I worked within the NGSA as the 2017-2018 Direct-Entry VP Academic, and was a QY class rep before that.
Working within the NGSA for the past two years, I’ve discovered more than I ever thought I would about the academic workings of our graduate programs. Through this incredibly insightful experience I’ve learned to appreciate the hard-work put into creating an inclusive and stimulating student environment. The Ingram School of Nursing is the hub of nursing collaboration, and that undeniably needs to be nurtured. This year, my goal is to continue fostering innovation and leadership amongst members of the NGSA and to encourage positive relations between students and faculty.
I’m truly looking forward to working with all of you in the following year !
Jasmine Alami
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