Vice-President Promotions

Carly Heck

Hi! I am a Direct Entry student originally from rural Alberta with a passion for community engagement and knowledge mobilization. Whether I have had to recruit research participants, persuade volunteerism, or simply spread the word about an event, I have learned to employ creative ways to reach out to my geographically widespread community members. Although here at the Ingram School of Nursing we often work within closer-quarters, our busy schedules can make it difficult to remember all of the amazing events hosted by the NGSA.

As your VP of Promotions, I will make my best efforts to help ensure all graduate students of the ISoN are kept Up-to-Date on events and opportunities within the NGSA as well as the wider McGill community. I realize this position may require myself to learn how to “Tweet” or “Gram”, but I am totally open to the learning experience. I have extensive experience in Microsoft Paint from when I was a preschooler as well as more recent endeavors in Snapchat filters and editing. I have often been complimented on my eye-catching masterpieces, which usually employ the simple beauty of Bitmojis. As your VP of Promotions, I will produce the most aesthetically pleasing advertisements you have ever seen, mostly because I will use the work as an excuse to avoid my other responsibilities (like doing my dishes or my laundry). Promotions will occur through a variety of platforms to best suit your communication preferences!




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