Vice-President Academic (Doctoral)

Aimee Castro


My name is Aimee Castro, and I’m excited to be this year’s VP Academic representing doctoral and post-doc students. I plan to work towards supporting graduate students with more writing retreats, academic mentorship opportunities, funding support, and social events. I’m in my 2nd year of the PhD program, and I’m a recent graduate of the DE program. My research interests lie at the intersections of nursing, caregiving, and technology. My career goal is to contribute to the development of technologies and systems that support family caregivers. I have an MA in Health and Aging from McMaster University, and a BSc in Pharmacology from McGill University. I’ve worked as a home health care provider and as an entrepreneur. In my spare time, I like to test new fountain pens, design systems, and explore Montreal’s food scene. Feel free to reach out for chats about your program, new restaurants/cafes, research, books, and anything else you care about!

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