Vice-President Academic (Doctoral)

Marianne Sofronas

Hi! I’m Marianne Sofronas, and I’m thrilled to have been re-elected VP Academic for the Doctoral and Post-Doctoral students for the 2018-2019 academic year! I’m a 3rd year PhD student, and have an academic background in both nursing and anthropology. I’ve worked as a nurse clinician in the Neuro ICU since 2010, and as a faculty lecturer at McGill since 2013… so I’m no stranger to all aspects of the McGill experience! Working with the NGSA over the past year, a number of initiatives were put in place that I’d love to see furthered and solidified: MSc-PhD research peer support sessions, supplemental research funding, opportunities for PhD students to present their work… Oh, and more social events, because honestly, doctoral work is not always the rocking good time they said it would be! Over the next year, I’ll continue being responsive to PhD student needs and concerns, and continue working on increasing opportunities for PhD students to teach, and creating mentorship links with faculty. Nursing PhD students and post-docs of all vintages: drop me a line, I’d love to meet you! When I’m not studying/nursing/teaching, I’m parenting the coolest kid on the planet, looking for excuses to throw parties, and unleashing my inner endurance athlete.



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