Vice-President Academic (Doctoral)

Marianne Sofronas

Hi! I’m Marianne Sofronas, and I’m thrilled to be VP Academic for the Doctoral and Post-Doctoral students for the 2017-2018 academic year! I’m currently in the 2nd year of my PhD, and have an academic background in both nursing and anthropology. I’ve worked as a nurse clinician in the Neuro ICU since 2010, and as a faculty lecturer at McGill since 2013… so I’m no stranger to all aspects of the McGill experience! Being a part of the NGSA is an amazing opportunity to help enhance the doctoral student experience (which, let’s face it, mostly takes place in a dark cave), and bridge the gap between doctoral students and faculty. PhD students and post-docs of all vintages: drop me a line, I’d love to meet you! When I’m not nursing/studying/decorating my dark cave, I love hanging out with family and friends, and (talking about) hitting the gym.