Vice-President Finance

Michael Gasse

Hey, I’m Mike, your VP finance for 2018-2019. I’m here to make sure these other yahoos don’t blow our whole budget on a bag of magic beans. I am an MSc (2) Direct Entry student and my background is a Masters in microbiology. My thesis was heavy on genomics and bioinformatics, so if you’re having trouble sleeping give it a read.

I’ve been working as an emergency room coordinator for the Jewish General Hospital for the past 4 years which means I am exceptionally good at taking criticism and abuse. Seriously, you can yell insults and obscenities in my face and I’ll just smile back. Some people find this ability creepy, other people find it very creepy. I am also an IT consultant for a few clinics and I usually fix things more than I break them, so if you need computer help don’t be shy.

In my spare time I’m a whisky-lover, spider hitman, pianist and fourth degree black belt in WTF Taekwondo. Also, Fei has a hard time identifying my sarcasm.

Send me an email if you have questions, need help or want to talk about Breaking Bad. I’ll probably respond faster if it’s about Breaking Bad.




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